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Global Crossing@ The Glen -Watkins Glen Intl. Raceway, Watkins Glen, NY

After being rained out for the 2nd time, NASCAR officials decided to line the cars up for Sunday's race by each driver's points position. Jeff will start 8th, after having the second quickest car in practice. Boris Said, who had the fastest time in practice, will not start the race because he has wasn't in the top 36 in Winston Cup points, and did not make the provisioal draw.

On lap two, Gordon tried to make a pass on Stewart through the esses. Two cars can not fit through that section of the race track, and during the very early stages of the race, it is only sportsmanlike to let the faster car get by. Stewart did not do this, and in so doing put Gordon into the wall. Both cars sustained sheetmetal damage. Tony's crew got him back out onto the track quickly. Gordon's car, however, had much heavier damage, and the Rainbow Warriors lost a lap fixing the car. Gordon got back on the lead lap, but it was too little too late. He finished 23rd. Stewart went on to post a sixth place finish.

Afterward the two drivers had a heated "discussion" in the garage area. Gordon threatened, "The next time you get near me, I'll put you in the wall."

Stewart replied with a string of swear words. That in itself is immature. Later on, Tony said, "I thought I gave him enough room." Obviously not.

During this whole argument between the drivers, analysts have agreed that Gordon used no profanity. This shows some great character. It would have been easy to lay into Stewart with every swear word in the book, but he didn't.

Gordon fell back to tenth in the standings. He is 489 points behind the series leader, Bobby Labonte.