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Powered by The Jeff Gordon Garage 300 - New Hampshire Speedway

Jeff Gordon will start Sunday's race in the eighth position. Rusty Wallace won his seventh pole of the season. Jeff's lap was at a speed of 131.031 mph. Wallace's lap was at a speed of 132.089.

The race car drivers climbed into their cars with heavy hearts on Sunday morning, for many of them were thinking of their fellow racer and friend, Kenny Irwin, who was killed in a practice crash on Friday morning.

However, the show must go on, and it did. The race was delayed several times for rain, with two red flag periods. After the leaders made their final pit stops it seemed to appear that Tony Stewart, the leader, would not have enough gas to get to the finish. Fortunately for Stewart, the second red flag of the day came out with 27 laps to go and the race was declared final, with Stewart as the winner. Jeff Gordon finished in 5th position. His teammate, Jerry Nadeau, finished in fourth position.


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